Naomi Greene writes to electric harp, guitar and drum machines and sings poetic lyrics, enveloping and personal, with disarming directness. Her neo pop is a unique blend of strength and vulnerability, sometimes reminiscent of a cross between Kate Bush, Nico, and PJ Harvey. 


The Huffington Post ”Naomi has a captivating presence both on and off stage. She plays her harp with a lot of passion. The outcome is a stripped down live video with no gimmicks just pure artist with instrument.”

BUZZBANDS LA The music of Naomi Greene seduces with harp and electric guitar, with lyrics seemingly cribbed from some ancient text, sung with almost supernatural purity.”

Amadeus Magazine ”French singer-songwriter Naomi Greene’s raw songs are defined by the uniqueness of her harp-playing, her voice, and her tone. From emotion-driven tunes like “No Skin” and “Iron House,” to the dreaminess of her newest single “Laura,” Greene’s sound is smooth, heartfelt, and truly one-of-a-kind.”

EDM Boutique “‘Laura’ is one of those songs that subtly takes hold of your mind; familiarize yourself with the completely singular talent of Naomi Greene.”

Time Out Paris  “When hearing Naomi Greene, you find yourself immersed in another time.” 

Atwood  Magazine “Currently based in Los Angeles, Greene asserts a calming serenity and confident warmth through lilting melodies and soft, subtle instrumentation. “Laura” expands from a whisper to fill the airwaves with hypnotic beauty, engaging an array of instrumentation whose delicate notes seep under the skin, kissing our bones.”

When the Horn Blows Existing in the shadows between the beautiful and the bizarre is LA based singer-songwriter Naomi Greene and her majestic new single 'No Skin'.  Gently lulling her listener with beguiling harp arpeggios, Naomi Greene's crystalline, enchanting vocals float their way to a raw, fever pitch, culmination alongside eerie and hypnotic layered arrangements.”

Destroy/Exist “On her solo endeavors Greene's weapons of choice are the harp and the electric guitar with which she produces a strangely alluring kind of folk music, all soft and quiet but still rich in layers and texture.“

Oheestee - ”Greene’s lyrics come to life as she quivers between fleeting realities.” 


BASED IN: Los Angeles / Paris

FOR FANS OF: Kate Bush, Nico, PJ Harvey, Regina Spektor, Bjork, Laura Marling


Raised in Paris, France and later relocating to Los Angeles, California, indie singer/songwriter Naomi Greene began performing in small Parisian clubs in her teenage years, eventually branching out and finding like minded artists in NYC and LA. Greene recorded with french band La Femme, as a guest vocalist on their record “Mystère”, as well as with Long Beach native Daniel Michicoff in his faux french pop trio with members of Cold War Kids and the Shins. In 2010 Greene released her first single “Iron House” as a part of the soundtrack of Thompson’s film Bus Palladium, in which she also starred as an actress. After taking time to study and develop as a singer and harpist, Greene has recently released her first self-produced singles No Skin and Laura, and is currently writing her debut album.

She is currently on tour with french icon Laurent Voulzy, and her recent collaborations include M83, Raphael Hamburger, La Femme, Tijuana Panthers and Clara Cappagli of Agar Agar. 



10/16/2018 Grand Amour, Paris (avec La Femme) 

10/09/2018 FIAC Latine au Palais Royal avec Bianca Lee Vasquez, Paris 

09/29/2018 Forte_Forte, Paris 

07/01/2018 LaFayette Anticipations, Paris 

06/30/2018 Machine du Moulin Rouge, Paris 

06/30/2018 Radioooo, Paris

06/29/2018 Festival ISLA, Isla Les Embiez

06/25/2018 Le Consulat, Paris

06/17/2018 RFM Festival, Issy les Moulineaux

06/06/2018 Rencontres Musicales du Donjon de Vez, Vez

05/15/2018 L’Ame, Cannes

05/16/2018 KNIFE + HEART After Show (Cannes)

04/30/2018 Annie O’night at the Standard Hotel, New York 

04/16/2018 The Hive, Los Angeles

03/08/2018 L’International, Paris 

03/01/2018 La Cigale, Paris Support AGAR AGAR

02/21/2018 Secret Project Robot, NYC

01/02/2018 Zebulon, LA


12/02/2017 Moroccan Lounge, LA

10/13/2017 The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco Support LA FEMME

10/15/2017 The Regent, LA Support LA FEMME

09/30/2017 Pop Up du Label Paris

09/19/2017 Silencio Paris

09/09/2017 The Echo LA

08/04/2917 Resident LA

07/14/2017 Soho House, Malibu

07/11/2017 HM157 LA

06/19/2017 The Griffin LA

06/08/2017 Le Réservoir Paris

06/04/2017 Basic Flowers LA

22/05/2017 Space Castle LA

01/19/2017 No Name bar LA


01/12/2017 The Bootleg Los Angeles

01/07/2017 The Lost Knight Los Angeles

12/28/2016 Harvard And Stone Los Angeles

12/15/2016 Garçons de Café , Los Angeles

11/12/2016 Silverlake Sessions, Los Angeles

11/15/2016 Sofar Sounds Los Angeles

10/26/2016 Silencio Paris

10/24/2016 Pop Up du Label Paris

09/30/2016 HM157 Los Angeles

09/06/2016 Pour Vous Los Angeles

08/29/2016 Basic Flowers Los Angeles

08/15/16 Hyperion Tavern Los Angeles

08/01/2016 Silverlake Lounge Los Angeles

07/22/2016 Amarees Newport Beach

07/12/2016 Ace Hotel Los Angeles

05/04/2016 La Mano Paris

03/12/2016 Hotel Cafe Los Angeles

02/27/2016 The Resident Los Angeles